Romania Staff

Lacramioara Alkasaji


Lacramioara is married with three children. She holds a degree in business management and has been serving as an accountant in the finances department at Word Made Flesh since 2019, driven by her sense of divine calling. Outside of her professional commitments, Lacramioara finds solace in nature, socializing, and reading during her leisure hours.


Gabriela Angheluta


Gabriela Angheluta's name is well-known in Galati, where she was born and raised. She pursued a diverse range of studies, including nutrition, vet health, psychology, and sociology, leading to a college degree in educational science and clinical psychology. Recently, Gabriela earned a master's degree in education. Her journey with Word Made Flesh Romania began in 2003 when she started as a volunteer. Today, she serves as a psychologist at the Center. When not working, Gabriela finds joy in spending time with her family, indulging in scientific research documentaries, reading personal development books, and listening to music.


Doina Avasalcai


Doina Avasalcai was born in Iasi and later moved to Vaslui. She completed culinary studies and is now living in Galati. In 2007, Doina started working at the Center as a chef.  Some of the activities she enjoys doing during her free time include traveling, readings, and visiting the elderly.


Alina Carlescu


Alina is from Romania, Galați, where she studied social science. She’s been working at the Word Made Flesh center since 2022 as a social worker and then transitioned into her role as an educator. She enjoys reading, taking walks, traveling and music.


Anca-Aurora Chiosea

Communication & Fundraising

Anca has been working with Word Word Made Flesh since 2011 in communication and fundraising.  She studied social science, sociology and psychology, and recently, she discovered that she also likes working in the field of community development. She likes books, silence, long hikes through the forest or anywhere else, and meaningful conversations.  She enjoys discovering the beauty in people.  Also, being part of supporting vulnerable children in Galati, through Word Made Flesh, gives meaning to her life.


Gianina Gheorghiu

Custodial Director

Geanina was born in Galati in 1974. She came to work with WMF Romania in June 2004. Through her time at the center, she came to understand that there are many needs and wondered what she could do to help. After she was hired, she understood that God had sent her to Word Made Flesh where she felt needed. Geanina serves as the Cleaning Coordinator at the center as well as overseeing showers and laundry for the children.


Nicoleta Mazare


Nicoleta Mazare, hailing from Galati, Romania, is happily married to Ionel and is the proud parent of two children, Andrei and Sarah. Her journey into Christianity began after her marriage, leading her to discover a supportive and nurturing community within her local church. Before her involvement with Word Made Flesh, Nicoleta worked in sales, but she eventually felt a divine calling to redirect her path toward working with children. Each day, she considers herself blessed by the moments spent with the kids and the profound experiences shared during chapel gatherings and within her community.


Monica Oprea


Monica, born in Ploiesti, Romania, into a Christian family, started her spiritual journey attending church with her younger brothers. Her baptism in March 2010 marked a significant milestone. Her family's frequent relocations led her to Galati in 2009, where her passion for serving and missionary work ignited during high school. Monica's university studies in Oradea focused on Romanian and English literature, where she began working with marginalized children in nearby villages, providing programs for non-Christian families. After graduation, she returned to Galati, joined Word Made Flesh, and became an educator in July 2016, cherishing the transformative relationships and trust-building with the children.


Anca Stoian

Social worker

Anca Stoian, hailing from Galati, embarked on her educational journey by studying philosophy and political-social science after high school. She furthered her studies in sociology in a larger city and later returned to Galati in 2001. In 2021, Anca began her career as a social worker at Word Made Flesh. While working at the Center, she also pursued online classes to complete her master's degree in social work. During her leisure time, Anca enjoys traveling, cooking, and cherishing moments with those who allow her to be herself around them.


Flavia Sumandea-Ionascu

Partnership and Community Care

Flavia's life journey has been shaped by diverse experiences and unwavering faith. Born and raised in Romania during communism, she later immigrated to the US at thirteen. After rediscovering her faith at 27, she pursued a Master's of Divinity from Multnomah University. She was introduced to the transformative work of Word Made Flesh through a trip to Romania with a group from the university. Inspired by the love and hope Word Made Flesh brings to children in challenging conditions, Flavia decided to join them full-time, dedicating herself to being a part of their life journeys and making a positive impact.


Fani Ursachescu

Executive Director

Fani was born in Galati, Romania, in 1981 into a large family. He became a Christian in 2001 and from there life seemed more interesting to him. He studies theology at a Bible college in Iasi, a city a few hours from Galati. He graduated from a school that prepared him to be a customs agent, but he is sure that this has no connection to his calling. In the past two years, he began to seriously consider his calling to work among the poor, but it took him a year to accept this calling. Beginning as a volunteer in January 2005 and hired in November of the same year, Fani has worked consistently with WMF Romania, mostly involved with the education program for adolescent boys. In 2006, he lived in a boys' house for nine months, assisting with the care and discipleship of recovering street boys. Since 2018, Fani has been serving as the executive director of the center.  He gets frequent visits from some of the boys he invested in, who are now responsible adults.