Doamna Anica

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I came as a volunteer to the center and then was employed in 2009 as a cook here. I enjoy the work that I do here with the children, and I have stayed for ten years because I find the work I do here really meaningful.

Adina Daniela
Social Worker/Programs Director

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Adina came to know WMF Romania through volunteering and having friends within the community for over a decade now. She was invited to join the team as a Social Worker in 2017 and she’s been implementing social services programs ever since, organizing community events  for the children, visiting the families, social counselling, getting the parents involved, working with the educators in periodically evaluating the children progress etc.

Having experience in social work and social services for almost 15 years now, Adina has served with some of the most vulnerable children and youth in Galati communities, being especially drawn to those living in poverty and domestic violence, seen as the roots of vulnerability.

”I believe in the healing power of a Community. And I believe that, the same way ”it takes a village to raise a child!”, in the exact same way, when it comes to doing the Social Work of healing and growing, it clearly involves the togetherness of the child with the family, the educator, the teacher, the cook, the medical doctor, the librarian, the psychologist etc. And this is what I love about the WMF Community: the way it keeps the doors open for the children to grow and heal and be part of a larger Family!” Adina is responsible for implementing the organizational policy for preventing abuse of vulnerable persons (VPPP), for training the staff and volunteers with WMF methodology and for representing the WMF organization in communicating and reporting to the local State authorities and other entities in Galați. Starting in 2019, Adina took over the role and responsibilities of the Program Director for WMF Romania.

Growing up in a Christian Orthodox family in the last days of communist Romania and following years of searching for the meaning of life and for God’s purpose with her life and after many ups and downs on this journey, Adina is now part of a local Orthodox Church Community and is currently finishing her studies for a Master’s Degree in Orthodox Spirituality and Social Studies, at the University of Galati.

Gianina Gheorghiu
Cleaning Coordinator

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Geanina was born in Galati in 1974. She came to work with WMF Romania in June 2004. Through her time at the drop-in center, she came to understand that there are many needy children and wondered what she could do to help. She didn’t understand exactly what work the drop-in center was doing, but as she tried, she found that she began to understand it well. After she was hired, she understood that God had sent her to the drop-in center where she needed to be and where she was needed. Geanina serves as the Cleaning Coordinator for Casa Vale as well as overseeing showers and laundry for the children.

Nicoleta Mazare

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I am from Galati Romania and am married to Ionel. I have two children, Andrei and Sarah. They are 21 and 16 years old. I became a Christian after getting married and have found a great community in my church here. Before coming to Word Made Flesh, I worked in sales. I felt that after some time, God was calling me here to work with the kids. I am blessed each day by our time together at chapel as well as time with the community.

Monica Oprea

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Monica was born in Ploiesti, Romania to a Christian family. Monica remembers her journey with God beginning by attending church each Sunday with her younger brothers. There and at home, she learned a lot about Jesus and his love for people. In March of 2010, she was baptized in her church along with her two brothers.

Throughout her life, Monica’s family moved to multiple cities. In 2009, she moved to Galati with her family. When she was in high school, she had a passion for serving and wanted to be a missionary to other countries. In her last year of high school, she learned about Word Made Flesh and volunteered with them that summer.

She then moved to attend university in Oradea to study Romanian and English literature. She began to work with marginalized children in a village close by. Almost every week, they hosted programs for kids from villages that did not come from Christian families. She greatly enjoyed the opportunity to work with these children and their families.

After she graduated university she returned to Galati. She began praying for a job and began volunteering at the Word Made Flesh center that summer. She became an educator at the center in July of 2016.

She finds the discussions with the children lifegiving and loves how her relationship with the kids is growing and how they are changing and growing in trust every day.

Caty Tanase

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Caty grew up as a child in the Word Made Flesh program, and in 2014 she became a part of the team and community in Galati. She works primarily in Tudor Vladimirescu, a village located near Galati, a place where God has placed her to give all of herself. She feels what gives her the most joy is that God is using her and that she is not cast aside but that God can use her, understand her, and work through her. She feels blessed and values Word Made Flesh because it is a place where you can receive, give, grow, and know people with open hearts and people who are ready to walk through life beside you.

Fani Ursachescu
Executive Director/Educator

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Fani was born in Galati, Romania, in 1981 into a large family. He became a Christian in 2001 and from there life seemed more interesting to him. He is a student at a Bible college in Iasi, a city a few hours from Galati. He graduated from a school that prepared him to be a customs agent, but he is sure that this has no connection to his calling. In the past two years, he began to seriously consider his calling to work among the poor, but it took him a year to accept this calling. Beginning as a volunteer in January 2005, Fani has worked consistently with WMF Romania, mostly involved with the education program for adolescent boys. In 2006, Fani lived at Casa Lazar for nine months, assisting with the care and discipleship of recovering street boys. Currently, Fani continues tutoring adolescent boys at the community center, serves as coordinator of the street ministry program and makes frequent visits to follow up with boys who have come off the streets.