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Mohamed Suma is part of the thirty five youth in the Lighthouse program. Presently he lives with his grandmother in Kroo bay and the grandmother is about eighty years old. Her only source of income is to beg from other family members who are not always in the position to give to her. Mohamed’s father and his wife live in a neighboring country called Guinea. His father is sick with a stroke and cannot work. His mother is faced with the responsibility to stay home and watch over him. Because of this unfortunate challenge, they had to make the difficult decision to send Mohamed to his grandmother in Sierra Leone for her to look after him. I am not sure whether it was a good decision, because she hardly has the means to care for Mohamed. Mohamed got hooked up with friends who are gambling, taking drugs and forming gangs to steal at night. Mohamed was spotted and asked if he wanted to be a part of our Lighthouse program. He answered yes and was given a chance to participate in the program. He is going to school but he is still influenced by his old friends. I am inviting you to help Mohamed through prayer and/or financial support so that he can have a better future. If you would like to support him financially, please e-mail Ansumana Bangura at He will give you more information.

Thank you.

Alafia COLE Lighthouse coordinator

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