An Evening For Rwanda

For the last few months I have been asking God to provide community. I am going to Rwanda in November alone and, as excited as I am about following Jesus to a place that I already know and love, being alone in this scares me. My hope for these prayers was that God would bring along some crazy awesome person (or two) who would be ready to jump on a plane in a few months to go on this adventure with me. That hasn’t happened. But God has been providing in ways I hadn’t anticipated—notes of encouragement from members of the WMF Sierra Leone community (my future neighbors), friends who will already be in Kigali when I arrive, and an offering of a place to stay from a new friend. I feel truly blessed and surrounded by community, whether or not it is how I thought it would look. And then last weekend, I walked into my favorite little coffee shop where my friends and family had gathered to play music and surround me with love and support. All of the fear and stress over the little details of the event went away when people started showing up and the music started playing. I was so blessed by the reminder that I will always be prayed over and supported by my beautiful home community! Between the profits from Sari Bari products sold and generous donations from the people who came we ended up with about $500! I am so, so thankful and encouraged!

The funds raised from this event is a huge help in getting the money I need to purchase my plane ticket to Rwanda, but I still need monthly supporters. Please feel free to contact me or visit if you are open to supporting me in this way.

Thank you again to everyone who came to An Evening for Rwanda! A special thank you to Greg, Hannah, Nolan, Sue, Shekinah, and Calin for offering up their time and skills to provide great music, Joey Bareither for designing our incredible event posters and driving out from Spokane to be at the event, Jamie and Gage for being awesome salespeople, Mitzi for running to the store at the last minute to pick up all of the things I had forgotten, Sam, Megan, and Chapter’s Books and Coffee for providing delicious drinks and a perfect space for our event, And, last but certainly not least, for my dear friend Hannah for being the brains behind the whole evening and making this event happen!

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