When Brokenness is a Way of Life

The man’s emaciated form was what caught my attention: his skin pulled tightly over and the shape of his skull was so evident, with hollow cheeks and a frame which was held by the loose skin holding the bones together. His inability to sit on the chair for more than a couple of minutes indicated […]

Discovering the Heart of Service

The year was 1972, and I was waiting earnestly for the guidance of the Lord before committing to serve Him. I knew in the depths of my heart that I was to leave the job I was holding to transition to a place where the Lord wanted me, to fulfill his will through me for […]

The Gift of Slippers

Oh how she loved it! It was just an ordinary pair of slippers. The kind with a flat base and Y-shaped plastic molded straps and a printed cartoon on the sole. She held it close to her and kept saying how lovely it looked. The sparkle in her eyes and the smile dancing on her […]

Breakthrough in Brokenness

Breakthrough in Brokenness

I pressed the crisp, freshly washed and sun-dried linen to my face to drink in the fragrance of the sunshine. The deluge had cruelly washed away precious lives and homes of our beloved Chennai…Read More »