What Are You?

“What are you?” a friend and mentor asked. My mind instantly began racing through a list of potential answers: a Christian, a missionary, a wife, a mother, a linguist, an adventurer… He interrupted my thoughts with his next sentence, “The answer to that is, you’re human.” That’s not what I wanted to hear! Human carries […]

When All is Not Well

“…[Our God] is able to deliver us…he will deliver us…But if not…we will not serve your gods…” Daniel 3:17-18 (ESV) Recently, I watched in horror as my daughter Adira hovered over the brink of death. She had contracted malaria and an internal infection called sepsis, which raised her fever to lethal levels. All my training, […]

Encountering Jesus in Suffering

There is a story a friend of mine once shared that has never left me and continues to resonate on my journey with Christ. My friend’s conversion came about in a strange way. He was sitting in church not really listening to the sermon when he slipped into a sort of dream. He was running […]

A Simple Mission

We have well established the principle of simplicity with Scripture, that we do not live above our neighbors or apart from them. We live among them, accepting what is offered and granting the peace of that dwelling upon them. We make friends, and we become good neighbors. In reading Matthew 10:7-10, perhaps it is best […]

Leaping to Obey | He Brings Us Through

This is a two part piece written by Benjamin and Mary Grimm, our missionaries on the ground in Papua New Guinea.  Leaping to Obey The first time God requested anything of me, I was seven years old. He asked for my whole life. In that moment, I had a sort of vision of what that […]