A Lesson so Great and so Small

It was a day like any other at our community center, a day in which we would have our time of workshops with the boys and girls that we reached in the Grau area, most of them artists who work singing on buses to live. The boys were arriving little by little, and just as […]

Meet Our Staff

Anna Myriam Monteviller Pino was born in Lima, Peru.  She grew up in Christian home and continues to live with her mother and younger brother.  She is licensed in tourism having studied Marketing and Publicity.    She loves wood carving, camping, hiking, going to movies, and highly values her friends.  In 1998 she met and […]

“Tu Tambien Tienes Una Madre”

“Recuerda que tú también tienes una madre-“ (Remember that you also have a mother), the man said, just loud enough to be heard but soft enough to not further aggravate. On that dimly lit street, and for reasons that I don’t fully understand, this phrase defused the rage in the other man, who slumped his […]

Maribel's Home in Peru

Is God Really All-powerful?

The path of serving — in most cases, it is a difficult one. And more so when one’s heart is no longer of stone, when it has developed the capacity to to suffer with those who suffer and rejoice with those who rejoice. At the beginning of the year, as our ministry here in Peru […]