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Few things hurt more than isolation.

I’ve become convinced that in the Kingdom of God, the lifeline that keeps us going is true community — and for that, we need intimacy.

The Bible tells us that “in the beginning was the Word.” Long before being made flesh, the Trinity existed eternally in community, dwelling as three separate beings yet perfectly and intimately as One.

Considering the eternal intimacy of the Trinity, it is no surprise that the Son cries out on the cross, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?” During Jesus’ most excruciating moment when the sense of isolation is at its pinnacle, when Jesus seems to be forsaken, and death seems to have triumphed, God cries out to God who He has been in constant fellowship with for all eternity.  Jesus’ anguish ends with the reaffirmation of the eternal Trinitarian fellowship; Jesus cries out again, “Father into your hands I commit my spirit.” God’s intimate Love overcomes the spirit of death that humanity has perpetuated upon itself since the Garden of Eden.

Jesus endured isolation, pain, and death to remind us that a Garden with a Loving Father awaits.  Jesus’ endured the cross perpetuated upon Him by all that is wrong with humanity showed just how far Love was willing to go to claim its own over-against the forces of death.

This season, I found myself in a place of isolation; purpose and identity were flung into chaos. For much of my life, I remained internally a loner; as a defense mechanism, I closed myself off. In the struggles of this season, rejecting intimacy, I increasingly drew inward until I imploded.  Suddenly my deep lack of and desperate need for intimacy were exposed.

I cried out for the courage to say yes to the Loving intimacy of God that I knew I needed. Thankfully, a hard, but beautiful process of healing began. I was met with amazing Grace, Love, and Light. The darkness of isolation and excommunication lifted. I felt seen, known, and loved just for being me; I felt Loved for who I was beyond the particularities of any actions. Intimacy brought me to an open space devoid of walls.  I was brought to a place of more freedom than I had as of yet ever experienced or even thought existed. I felt at a deeper level than I previously had just why the intimate Love of God is the strongest power in the universe, I felt why it is Love that conquers death.

I believe so much in the work of WMF.  All over the world, WMF is reaching out to those who have experienced isolation and excommunication. People are being met with and invited into intimacy and fellowship.  Community, redemption, freedom, and joy are being restored to those who have been forsaken and forgotten.

In this issue of The Cry, you will read stories about some of these works of hope and goodness.

I deeply enjoy the process of creating a publication because it requires intimate collaboration and teamwork. Getting to connect with contributors worldwide and reading and laying out the meaningful content they share is truly a gift.

However, this edition of The Cry is particularly special to me, because of the personal awakening that I’ve experienced in getting this issue together. Its theme is now a deeper reality in my heart: I celebrate intimacy with Jesus my highest calling and my created purpose. I pray this issue of The Cry leads you too into a deeper recognition of the intimate Love that God has for you.

Peace and grace be with you,


Editor of The Cry


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