BIG Announcement! Same passion, new name!

For over two decades, we have been honored to be a part of the Word Made Flesh community. We’re grateful for the deep and meaningful foundation they laid for us. 

Word Made Flesh taught us the importance of deep identification with those on the margins, living in poverty. We learned to be shaped by our context and the relationships built on the streets. In 2003, we first opened the doors of the House of Hope as a place for continued hospitality. As we matured in community, we learned how to more fully address our own brokenness and that of others who were hurting.  Programming expanded to holistic intervention for trafficked women, a viable employment option through the social enterprise, SutiSana, a preventative Children’s Program, and increased influence into more public spheres.  

In recent years, as we’ve grown and matured in our mission, we’ve begun to dream new dreams for the future. We want to clarify our focus, improve our reporting processes, and support rising Bolivian leaders. We envision even expanding the work throughout Bolivia and beyond. As we have begun to make plans, it has grown clear that our next step is to depart from WMF and become our own entity, ready to make a deep and transformative impact for the exploited women and children of Latin America.

One of the ways we are reflecting this new direction is by changing our name!

Project Suma comes from the language of the indigenous Aymara, some of the most disadvantaged people in the region. ‘Suma’ is Aymara for “good” or “excellent.” In Spanish, it means “to add, or increase,” and in Latin it refers to the culmination of something, completeness. With our new name, we seek to communicate all that we hope and strive for: renewed identity, goodness, health and wholeness for sexually exploited women and their children.

Project Suma reflects our growth over the years. We started small and simple, with a lot of idealism and passion. But 20 years later, long-term, dedicated staff have labored to develop a trauma-informed, holistic model that moves women and their children from victims to thrivers. It’s a method deeply informed by relationship and insightful knowledge of our context that brings results. Our new entity better reflects that story.

Looking to the future

We’re so excited to grow into this next phase of our organization. 

Thank you to all who have partnered with us so faithfully over the years! We pray you’ll continue to join us in offering the powerful transformation of hope.

Andrea Baker
Executive Director