Greetings all! Blessed Eastertide!

The below is part of a reflection I offered for our March Around the Table staff newsletter. I hope that contemplating aspects of Psalm 91 will be a blessing to you today. I have been very encouraged to hear good reports back about the time that our Word Made Flesh International short-term team of university […]

My Special Place

I didn´t know that a place as special as the “House of Hope” existed. I´m not exaggerating when I say that this place is magnificent. This place not only managed to change the way I think but also my way of acting. I really don´t know how to express myself well, I can´t get the […]

Fulfillment of Organizational Best Practice, Next Step Commitments

With this communication we are grateful to report that Word Made Flesh International has fully completed best practice next steps committed to in July 2020. A major aspect of our commitment was to “retain an independent third-party expert to perform an organizational audit on our existing policies, procedures, and systems for preventing harm, keeping employees […]

Celebrating with you this Christmas Season

        Dear Friends of Word Made Flesh International, This holiday season, we are deeply grateful to be part of the family of God together with you and to celebrate your friendship with Word Made Flesh International. Merry Christmas!   Thank you so much for your partnership in sharing the Gospel! In Jesus, God […]

On Christmas: Darkest Night of the Year

Darkest Night of the Year. It’s the title of Over the Rhine’s Christmas album, but the words themselves seem to be the mantra to which I walk as I pass in and out of brothel doors. Every time I enter these places, I have let my eyes adjust to the dim red glow of the […]

Freedom Climber Fiona

“I’m a survivor, my life has changed.” We are proud witnesses to Fiona’s incredible journey and transformation!  As a young orphan, Fiona* and her siblings were left to fend for themselves. She and her little sister fled to the streets after being sexually abused as teens. Desperate to survive and to provide for her baby […]


    WHYThe Freedom Climb mirrors a woman’s arduous journey towards restoration. We meet her in her place of need and offer hope and opportunities for lasting change. Support her brave journey to freedom!   $33 VICTIM Supports security & stability ProtectionHousing & Support $66 SURVIVOR Supports Physical & Mental Health Health & NutritionPsychological & Therapeutic […]

Free Indeed!

Turmoil on All Sides I have lived in El Alto, Bolivia almost all my life. My parents worked in the copper mines, and 30 years ago moved to the city where they raised my four sisters, my brother and me. I have watched the city limits explode, reaching out further and further. I’ve seen up […]

From the Editor (As Featured in The Cry)

Few things hurt more than isolation. I’ve become convinced that in the Kingdom of God, the lifeline that keeps us going is true community — and for that, we need intimacy. The Bible tells us that “in the beginning was the Word.” Long before being made flesh, the Trinity existed eternally in community, dwelling as […]

WMF Field History: Rwanda

WMF Field History: Rwanda After her time at university, Shelbye Renfro started as an intern in the WMF International Office. She knew world missions were the undertone of her story and that God had a unique plan, but the future seemed blurry to her at the time. After learning, exploring, and growing during her time as an intern, […]