Faith Without Works is Dead

By Word Made Flesh International Executive Director, Clint Baldwin   How might we, at least in some small way, “be the change we wish to see” this week? I’m part of a Sunday morning group called “Current Conversations, Ancient Faith.” Yesterday, after engaging in a “Common Prayer” liturgical reading, James 2 was our core discussion […]

A Day of Fulfillment of Hope is Coming

Word Made Flesh International Executive Director, Clint Baldwin, offers a word of encouragement here as he reflects on the intricacy of nature and perseverance. “As we were driving our youngest daughter to have bloodwork done in Cincinnati the other day, I saw & was able to take a quick photo of the tree that is […]

Abundant Life: A life free of family violence

As the pandemic turned all of our lives upside down, we suddenly found ourselves at home every day, using our 220 sq. ft., two-bedroom apartment for two jobs, virtual preschool, and everything else already related to home.  Though difficult some days, we were able to adjust as a family and in general enjoy some extra […]

Holy Wounds (As Featured in The Cry)

Now Thomas (also known as Didymus ), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, “We have seen the Lord!” But he said to them, “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my […]

Humility when Tensions are High (As Featured in The Cry)

Last fall, Bolivia experienced significant political instability throughout the country and in areas where our WMF staff reside. Some community members evacuated as we experienced weeks of national protests, blockades and riots regarding socialist president Evo Morales and his continuance of power for an unconstitutional 4th term. Chaos and division grew as protests became increasingly […]

A Complex Simplicity (As Featured in The Cry)

Simplicity. It should be fairly simple to write about, but I have found it anything but.  I wish I had some great wisdom to share, but instead I come to you with a few questions that I don’t quite have the answers to myself. My hope is that through my ramblings and questions, you may […]

The Long Haul

Sometimes healing takes a while.    This is certainly true for women who have been prostituted.    It takes a woman, on average, seven attempts to successfully leave commercial sexual exploitation. Her journey often won’t follow a linear path. She may take many steps backwards on her journey forward.    That’s why Word Made Flesh […]

Relational Wealth

I often feel overwhelmed because of the needs of our friends in Kroo Bay. COVID-19 has made life more difficult for this community. For example, the Kroo Bay Health Center used to have a feeding program for children who are malnourished. But that isn’t happening right now because of the pandemic. So there are a […]

Making Room (As Featured in The Cry)

As we navigate community with those on the margins, we experience all of the complexities of life–the highs and lows, joy and grief. Our community in Kigali recently walked through grief and hardship together as we held a memorial service at our ministry center for a member of one of our savings groups who passed […]