Brazil Prayer Requests May 2009

1.  The Brazil field is having a meeting this week to see if our by-laws fit the requirements to register as a Brazilian NGO.  Please pray that it goes smoothly.

2.  Pray for our search for an office space and program center.  We have been searching for some time now without success but recently an office has opened up near where we work with women who live on the streets.  It’s in a great location but is in disrepair.  Please pray with us that the owner will accept our proposal for a significantly lowered monthly rent so that we can renovate to fit our needs.

3.  Pray for V– and A–, a couple we know who live on the streets.  He has been becoming more aggressive and violent, both in speech and in actions, and A– had visible marks of physical abuse the last time we saw them.  Pray for their freedom from spiritual oppression and the addiction to the streets.

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