Flooding in Sierra Leone

After the flooding on September 16, our staff and volunteers as well as our youth have been tirelessly helping out those who have been affected by the flooding in Kroo Bay. The community of Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone provided up to 30 people with a place to sleep for over a week after the flooding. Most […]

Mabinty, A Strong and Vibrant Woman of God

by Cami Goble When I moved to Sierra Leone in 2003, I felt like I had moved into a sauna. For those of you who may be a little rusty with your geography, Sierra Leone is on the west coast of Africa, 7 degrees north of the equator. Freetown was so hot and humid. I […]


“Does it work?  I mean, are you seeing any results or changes in Kroo Bay?”  I wanted so badly to say, “Of course! The Bay is an entirely different place because of the work of Word Made Flesh.”  But it had been particularly discouraging lately.  Several of our youth skipped school, I physically broke up […]

Alafia Cole's Newsletter

Mohamed Suma is part of the thirty five youth in the Lighthouse program. Presently he lives with his grandmother in Kroo bay and the grandmother is about eighty years old. Her only source of income is to beg from other family members who are not always in the position to give to her. Mohamed’s father […]

Dina Conteh's Newsletter

The following words from the book<Here and Now> authored by Henri J. M. Nouwen inspires me. He quoted the words of Jesus<set your hearts on God’s kingdom first …… and all other things will be given to you.> It gives me more zeal to do God’s work and the task given to me in Word […]

Lighthouse Ministry

Dear Brethren,It is my joy and pleasure to share with you some of the good developments taking place in our Lighthouse Youth program. Lighthouse is a youth program for youth with less opportunity who don’t have the strength to make it in life all by themselves. This program helps to support youths with life skills, […]