The Day She Stopped Running

Honestly, I understand why Ada was mad at God.  Misfortune and disaster seem to hunt her, and its hard not to blame it on an all-powerful father.

Her own mother and father abandoned her early, and she and her brother and sister were raised by their grandparents in a squalor that belies description, marginally assisted by their neighborhood church which Ada attended regularly.  The children practically raised themselves, without thought to hygiene or education, until Ada’s older sister urged her into the brothels.  “It’s an easy way to take care of your kids,” she said.

But Ada couldn’t stand it, and after three days she left and never went back.

After Ada’s beloved brother died, leaving behind his young wife and daughter, Ada started fighting with God.  She had been working in SutiSana for a few years, but she dropped out of therapy and begged not to attend Bible study.  She fought with the other SutiSana employees, and we thought we might have to let her go.

Then in February, we had a wonderful and miraculous visit from the States.  Our friend Meredith prayed with Ada for physical healing, and then I told Ada that God was still waiting for her, that He was bigger than her anger.  And Ada, crying, finally let Him in.

By: Cara Contreras