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The following words from the book<Here and Now> authored by Henri J. M. Nouwen inspires me. He quoted the words of Jesus<set your hearts on God’s kingdom first …… and all other things will be given to you.>

It gives me more zeal to do God’s work and the task given to me in Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone. Specially in the tutoring area were kids and teens get excited to acquire more knowledge in the different subjects. We resumed on January 2o14 with new in take of pupils from the beginners class to form 1, so the number of children has increased. Some of these kids and teens do not go to school due to lack of finances but the lesson help them. The children and Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone appreciate the visit of brother Jan and the Aldate’s church. May God bless them especially some of them who spend time to teach the children on monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the three days Jesus night in kroobay. The pupils said goodbye to one of our committed volunteer by name Esther Sam on the 27th of January 2014. She quitted because she wanted to further her studies. We miss her so much for her hardork and patience. Please pray for God’s wisdom to rest upon the children attending tutoring program and the committed volunteers teaching them.


Your’s Sincerely,

Dina W. P. Conteh

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