Faces of Love – Max’s Story

Max* is short in stature, thin, with blond hair and beautiful bright blue eyes, has some speech deficiencies, and prefers to play alone. His start at the center was slow-paced. With unmet emotional and material needs, Max was lacking the desire to attend school and the center. As the youngest in his family, he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted. With the perseverance, many home visits, and encouragement of his educator, Nicoleta, he slowly began to feel safe and accepted at the center. Yet, he didn’t believe he could, nor that he needed to, learn how to read and write. It was challenging to find a strategy that would help Max’s development. After several one-on-one sessions, patience, and even using playtime on some occasions, Max began to evolve and to feel more confident. The first day he picked up a pen to begin writing his first letters was miraculous. Today Max can read, write, and count. He is a sensitive and grateful boy. Recently, he’s been writing thank you letters to all the staff who were there for him when he needed help. He is still struggling in school, but there is progress. He loves coming to the center and enjoys being part of a community where he is loved and accepted.


*A pseudonym has been used to ensure privacy.