February 2009

I want to start by wishing you all a Happy New Year!  A new year always feels like a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, reflection and re-commitment.  I hope that you have had the opportunity to start this New Year fresh.

We seem to be in a time of perpetual new beginnings, which is very exciting.  Looking back over these months we have been so blessed in so many ways.  We are getting to live our dream and are filled with joy and gratitude for that.  We also daily get to experience the world through children's eyes as Arielle and Elijah experience life new and fresh, it is really beautiful and a reminder to experience our new home with joy and excitement.

Reflecting over 2008 and especially the half of 2008 spent here in Bangkok there are so many amazing things.  We would like to share with you one of these experiences, it seems fitting as this story not only captures the new beginning of three beautiful women but serves as a seed planted leading us further into service here.

Working along side Night Light we were able to take part in the rescue and return home of three women trafficked to Bangkok for prostitution.  These women were courageous but very afraid.  For months and years they had been abused by their Mamasan.  They left with the clothes on their backs, got in a taxi and came to stay with us in hopes of returning home to their homeland and families.

The hope and the light in this story comes not only from our friends escaping the life that had wounded them so deeply but from our days spent with them before their return home.  One of the evenings we casually offered for them to worship with us.  This one night was followed by several more night of worship and prayer where each of them was moved and really felt the love of God poured out on them.

As we said our goodbyes we had a mix of emotions; knowing that though better, the life they are returning to is not easy.  They will be shamed by their families for coming back with no money, most of their families told them this over the phone when they called to say they were returning home. Through tears they told us “in my country if you have no money you are nothing.” They had come from an Islamic country where a women must be a virgin at marriage.  They told us they will not tell anyone where they had been or what had happened to them. The wounds still fresh from the months and years spent here will have to be kept hidden inside.

However we sat with them, prayed with them and saw them experience the loving presence of God fill them.  With a huge smile one said “I don't know how to describe it I just feel very happy right now.”  We know God is bigger than all circumstances, and we encouraged them that in a moment of sadness, fear or desperation God is there and just ask Him to be with you.  

Please pray with us for their new beginning, I purposely omitted their names but God knows.  Pray that God will orchestrate circumstances to bring them deeper and raise them up in a country that is in such need.  Pray that there will be a way for healing emotionally and physically to occur.  Pray also for us as this experience has increased our passion to have a place for healing and restoration, a place where wounds can be safely exposed and healed.

Thank you so much for continuing to serve with us; we hope that in time we will add to these amazing stories of rescue.

With love and Gratitude,

Amy & Tim Hupe timandamyhupe@yahoo.com

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