Be sure to specify that your donation will be used for the “Freedom Fund”

We invite you to join us in this adventure and need your help!

Our communities are committed to solidarity with the poor and often live in the slums and red light districts around the world. Your gift to the Freedom Fund can help jump start new business in our fields, giving employment to vulnerable people. It directly impacts local leaders from around the world giving them voice and opportunity.

Because of the nature of our work, personal support raising has become increasingly difficult and often excludes financial support for our local staff. We want to change this and need your help! 

By investing $40/month to the Freedom Fund you are a part of creating change around the world.

$40/month + Your Heart = Lives Changed || 40 for Freedom, Word Made Flesh

You are helping give
hope and freedom
to those affected by sex trafficking
left without homes
cut off from their families
shoved away from education and
left to feel abandoned and thrown-away


Give Freedom.

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