Invitation to Alafia's Prayer Letter

Hi Brethren,
I am pleased to share with you the good things God is doing through our Lighthouse youth program. Every Thursday evening we have our Lighthouse discipleship program to help train and encourage our youth with good morals. We are looking at specific topics that will help to challenge the lives of our youth, for example determination, honesty, goal setting and service etc. The last Thursday of every month the youth are encouraged to invite their friends to our Lighthouse evening.
I spoke with one of the invited youth after the program and he said he is not feeling good about his life. He lost his father when he was eight years old, and now he is about fourteen. He was going to school before, but now he is hanging out with friends who are taking drugs and snatching phones from people. They sell the phones to survive. But after our Lighthouse program he thought his life had been wasted. He asked to be included in the weekly program.
Another girl I spoke with told me of how she has lost contact with her mother, and her father died when she was small. She is about sixteen years old now. She was living with a woman she called her aunty but was not really her mother’s sister. This woman stressed her up to do all the domestic work and she had no time for her self. When the teen would prostest, she was beaten and sent out of the house. She then found another family who took her to stay with them. Again life became worse. After all the children left for school, she would stay home to do all the domestic work. She was only given left overs to eat at the end of the day. The most stressful part was refusing the ‘uncle’ who wanted to have sex with her. She was beaten again and kicked out of the house when she told a neighbor, because the family said she wanted to tarnish their image. She came to our office to be consoled which Noah and I did. Now I am looking for a good Christian family to take her in and help her.
Please I am inviting you to pray along with me and give financial support to enable me continue to do what God is calling me to do in the life of our youth through our Lighthouse youth program. Thanks for your kind heart, and may God bless you.
With love from Alafia
Lighthouse Youth Coordinator
Word Made Flesh

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One thought on “Invitation to Alafia's Prayer Letter

  1. Susan Henry says:

    Hi, Alafia,
    It said invitation to your prayer letter so can you send Bruce and I your prayer letter the next time you write one? I am glad that Lighthouse continues to impact the Kroo Bay community. Dan gives us good reports about all of you. We continue to pray for you.

    Sue Henry

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