Langley family June 2010 update letter

June 2010


Dear family and friends,


Greeting from Lima! We hope that all of you are well and experiencing God’s care for you.  Thank you for loving us, and for taking the time to catch up on what’s going on in our family and in the WMF community in Lima by reading this letter.  As you know, 3 of our family have birthdays in May and so we have been either planning or celebrating pretty much the whole month on and off.  The WMF community allowed us to use the ministry center for a joint birthday party (pictured above) which was a lot of fun; both Isa and Tali had a great time.  We celebrated Brian’s birthday with a nice breakfast at home, then accompanied the community on a daytrip outside of Lima with 15 young mothers and their 20 (ish) children to celebrate a belated Mother’s Day.  They just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to also show Brian some traditional birthday love by breaking an egg over his head (above).  Isa and Tali participated in events at school last month.  Tali was in the Mother’s Day program (above); dressed to the tee, shaking her salsa hips in a cute blue dress.  She had the needle pegged on the sass-o-meter.  Isa performed a beautiful solo in the Living Inside Out musical at her school (above).

The community in Lima is still in the middle of staff transitions.  Linsey Higgins just went back to the US after serving in Lima for almost 4 years.  She is already dearly missed.  Also in May, we welcomed Esperanza Gual as staff; she is an amazing Peruvian woman who has been part of our volunteer community for many years. She has been formally trained in early childhood education; we are looking forward to working with her as we have many hopes and plans about expanding our work with former street families and their children.  The Ingrum family have been in Lima since February studying Spanish and adjusting to life.  Pray about their transition into  the ministry structure and programs in August.  Also, Amy Lahey is still waiting on God’s timing for her departure for Lima as her house in Atlanta is still not selling.

Thank you for continuing to remember our family’s financial situation.  Our support account has been slowly reaching into the positive for 5 months now as you have responded to our $10,000 challenge.  Here is where we are at currently:


               We still need $4500 in addition to regular monthly giving to reach our goal.



Thank you for your support and commitment to our family, and the ministry of WMF in Lima, Peru.  God willing, we’ll see you soon!


the Langleys (Brian, Rachel, Isabel, Natalia)