Langley family November 2010 update letter

November 2010


Dear family and friends,

Warm greetings to all of you in Jesus’ name.  We really hope that this letter finds you well and trusting in God.

This past month was of course very special for us, celebrating 10 years of service in Peru as a family and recently also celebrating WMF Peru’s 12 year anniversary of presence in Peru.  We received so many emails and calls from all around the world which were so touching and encouraging for us.  God truly has been, and always will be, everything that we need and so very good to us. Even as we have reflected on the struggles of this journey and the different losses that we have experienced, we testify to God’s faithfulness and provision.

And we can’t fail to mention how important all of you are to us having walked with us through this journey, first releasing us into service and now sustaining us through your gifts and prayers.  We never fail to remember you in our prayers and give thanks for you.  Thank you for the opporunity to share these current prayer needs; we trust that God will provide for them according to His will for us.


  • We are developing a new Peruvian National Director role for WMF Peru and need wisdom about how to lead the community through this process
  • We still do not have an operating license for the ministry center due to beaucratic problems.  We continue to think that we are in the “end stages” but new issues keep cropping up.
  • WMF Peru had two representatives at the Lausanne conference in South Africa.  Please pray that this opportunity will bear good fruit for the work that we do and our witness in Lima.  For more information about this historic event:
  • Financial support for our family is very low still.   Our support account is currently $4,000 in the negative.  We are hoping and praying for an amazing show of financial provision from God to close 2010!
  • Please pray for us as parents that we would be attentive to our children, praying for them, and seeking God for the decisions we make that affect them.
  • Pray for our marriage, that God would help us to love each other every day and give us wisdom as we work on good boundaries for ministry and family commitments.

May God bless you richly today.


The langleys

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