Langley family October 2010 update letter

October 2010


Dear family and friends,

Very warm greetings to all of you in Jesus’ name.  Spring has arrived to Lima, which means the jasmine & honeysuckle vines are beginning to release their fragrance early in the morning and late in the afternoon.   It also means the sun is starting to come out!  For us, this is a very special spring, as we celebrated Word Made Flesh Peru’s 12 year anniversary in September, and this month our family celebrates 10 years in Peru.  We are thankful for…


  • God calling us to himself, then more specifically to the Word Made Flesh community.
  • Meeting Peruvians who offer us friendship & love.
  • 10 years of financial provision through our support team.
  • The ladies at our two local markets, who always greet us and give just a little bit more food than what the scale says they should.
  • All of the staff, volunteers, & Servant Teams who have given of themselves to help WMF Peru become what we are today.
  • Our two girls, Isabel & Tali, and their joyful acceptance of the life in ministry and community that was chosen for them.
  • Really good Peruvian food (the best in the world!) that we crave when we are away.
  • Friendship, and so many people who encourage us when we are down.
  • Our families, who helped us grow, cared for us when we made so many mistakes, and continue to bless us with their love across so many miles allowing us to carry out our work in Peru with WMF.
  • The little patch of grass in the front patio of the apartment below us, and the big park across the street.  It’s definitely not what we are used to, but it’s what we have now.
  • Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, our home church in the US, for loving us, praying for us, and partnering with the ministry in Peru.
  • The man who sells candy on Bolivar avenue at the stoplight, and has been since the day we arrived in 2000; he is an example of perseverance, hard work, and is a truly honorable man.
  • The young men & women from the streets of Lima, whom we have the absolute privilege of knowing.
  • Love, God’s great gift and standard, given that we might share with each other.


Please remember us, and respond as God leads you, as we continue our work with WMF Peru,



The langleys

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