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Dear Brethren,It is my joy and pleasure to share with you some of the good developments taking place in our Lighthouse Youth program. Lighthouse is a youth program for youth with less opportunity who don’t have the strength to make it in life all by themselves. This program helps to support youths with life skills, send them to school and disciple them to pattern their life to that of Jesus Christ. Every Thursday evening we organize a discipleship program where in we eat together, play different types of games and then listen to the topic of the teaching for that day. After the teaching we share some fruit and close with our regular song. We now have about thirty to thirty-five youths who are part of the Lighthouse program. More are looking forward to be invited, as our youth because of the growing number of discipled youth in the Kroo Bay slum community. I am looking forward to make every last Thursday in the month an open Lighthouse evening to give the youths opportunity to invite their friends and maybe brothers and sisters. Most of this youth in the Lighthouse program are supporting the younger kids every Saturday in the Ale Ale Good News Club. Every Saturday after coming from the Ultimate Frisbee they will head straight for the Good News Club program where they help support about three hundred children. At the time they will do skits, sing or help to control and take care of their wounds. We divide the youth who are in Lighthouse into small group and a staff is in charge of the small group. The staff is responsible to monitor each youth in the small group he or she is in charge of. They have time for one to one meetings, home and school visitations and also every Tuesday relational week to help them set short term goal they wish to accomplish in order to allow them to see growth in their lives. I think with your prayer and support God can give me grace to do what I am doing as the Lighthouse coordinator. You are invited to be part of this great work God is doing in the lives of our youths.

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