March Update 2013

Dear friends,

I am so grateful and I feel so blessed to have you near and to know that you pray for God’s work. Thank you for the time you set aside to think of us, of the Word Made Flesh Community in Galati, Romania.

I am happy to finally be able to enjoy spring. It is a beautiful season when nature comes back to life. Spring reminds me of Jesus’ resurrection and the miracle of our lives transformed in His power.

Until recently everything around me looked dirty and wet. The sun has been generous with us these days and the scenery has changed into one that shows life everywhere. God is our sun and He gives us life, it is through His power that we can live life fully. (2nd Corinthians 13:4)

I am still trying to adapt to my new schedule. It’s been two months since I only work part time. As I have almost the same responsibilities I’ve been in a continuous race yet I couldn’t be happier. I am a part of God’s work among “the least of these”.

The 2013 Servant Team is here. Sam and Emily will work with us for two months and then go to Moldova for two more.

We continue to give thanks to our Lord for the way He has provided and for the way He has done that through people. The grant we were supposed to receive is yet to come. For the last two months we have tried to get answers from the City Hall. We managed to meet with some of officials and to urge them to keep their promises. The grant represents 14% of our budget.

We are thankful that God has continued to use so many who are willing to give. Anca Chiosea from our staff is the one who speaks about us to the local community trying to get their involvement in our ministry. We have received different kind of donations for meat, dairy and cleaning products.

Our community spends an hour every morning in prayer and contemplation. This month have been meditating on submission, which is one or our nine lifestyle celebrations. Submission is a hard subject to talk about for all of us. The thought that stayed with me is that we can submit our being to God by submitting our talents and abilities to Him.

Our staff and children will be visiting the local churches in Galati in March. We want to serve the people who serve us. We want to know them and we want them to know us better.

Please pray with me so that:

–  God’s presence will always be upon us;

– the grant we need will come in God’s perfect timing;

– our presence in the local churches will be a ministry and not another visit.


With love, respect, thanks and prayers for you all,

Bogdan Chelariu