October 2005 Prayer Letter

He raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the ash heap; he seats them with princes and has them inherit a throne of honor. – I Samuel 2:8

Em Memoriam

Here lies our beloved Jefferson
In number 58
Tears fall as prayers
From the depths of my heart
I wish I could cry more of them

May you never again hunger
May you never again thirst
May you never again be cold or wet
May you never again beg or steal or cheat
May you never again be beaten
May you never again doubt your worth
May you never again know hatred
May the God of heaven always hold you in his bosom

In August, just a couple of days after his 16th birthday, our friend Jefferson, with whom we have spent lots of time laughing, playing games, going to the beach, and sharing meals, was murdered.  Jefferson's parents passed away some years ago, and he spent lots of time on the street in Lapa, where we met him.  He was always excited to see us and enjoyed visiting our home.  Please pray for his two sisters and their children who desperately feel his absence.  Pray for us and the other WMF staff members here as we struggle through the hows, whys, and other questions that confront us in this tragedy.  Pray for the other children and adolescents with whom we work.

We cling to the promise of a New Jerusalem in Revelation 21 where the Lord “will wipe away every tear from their eyes.  There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.” The Lord will say “I am making everything new!”  We hold to this hope as the Lord, even today, is breaking through the darkness, the drugs, the apathy, the brutality, and the hopelessness.  Pray for our friends to have soft hearts and begin to experience this hope that we know.

As we give up one beloved child, Rich and I accept the gift of a new one.  We want all of you to know that this side of the Nichols clan will soon be 5¢ richer (15¢ in all)!  That's right!  We are expecting our first child!  We know that many of you are already celebrating with us!  Though tired, Rebecca has been feeling good and everything thus far has been routine.  We have found a wonderful, patient, caring doctor here, and the medical care available is good.  But we haven't yet decided if we'll be in Brasil or the US for his or her mid-February arrival.  Please pray with us for the health and protection of this baby.  We know from our recent experiences that the enemy will steal and destroy whatever he can.  Pray also for the Lord to guide us as we decide on the best location for the birth. 

We know that you walk with us through both the terrible and the wonderful.  These past months have been full of both.  Thank you for your commitment to our lives and our ministry among the children in Rio.

Rich and Rebecca

P.S. Prayer Request:
On October 31, we along with the other two staff in Brazil will be heading to La Paz, Bolivia. Word Made Flesh is holding a regional retreat for all South American staff. The theme will focus on contemplation. Pray that this would be a time full of God's refreshing and encouragement. Pray as we talk with and build relationships with our other staff on our continent. Pray for us as one night Brazilian staff will lead worship and share God's Word.

Caixa Postal 24103
AC Tijuca
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

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