Power of Prayer

The Power of Prayer

“I just pray and God helps me to understand.”
“ Can I bring my sister to Jesus so he will heal her too.”

“I’ve been praying for the other patients”

The privilege I feel everyday is getting invited deeply to see and share in the remarkable power of prayer in people’s lives. Our amazing friends made the above statements with an uncomplicated beautiful faith in Jesus.


The first statement is made by the women that if I left Bangkok tomorrow I would know my time here was worth it. She is now truly bonded to me like a sister. She came to us to escape a life of prostitution, where her mamasan was using her taking all her money, not allowing time or possessions. She even took her passport and plane ticket when M tried to escape. During her time with us she was up all hours of the night reading the bible, she said that she asks God spirit to help her understand and He did, deeper than many people I know. She desperately wanted a new life, and God to change her heart, and in front of our eyes we saw just this happen.


The second statement is by my little 7-year-old friend. She is on the streets of the red-light districts until 5am every night of the week. One night we read her the story of the 4 men who brought their friend to Jesus to be healed. After the story she asked our Thai volunteer who had read her the story “Can I bring my sister to Jesus so he will heal her too.” Her little sister was at home sick that day. So together we prayed for her sister.


It is always hard for us to understand why the life of every person are not dramatically changed all the time. N, struggles deeply with mental illness and addictions. She was recently hospitalized due to these. When we visited her she told us she has been praying for the other patients. Even in the midst of her confusion and hardship her little light shines out in the form of prayer for other metal patients.

I want to invite you all to join with us in prayer. If you want to hear, to be stirred, to see the miraculous join with us in prayer. We have about 50 individual that we know well; off these there are about 15 children who are in the red-light districts until 5am every night. This is high risk for child pornography and worse. We would want people to commit to prayer intervention for each person. These kids need Angels guarding them, and we need help praying for them all. Please email me and I will give you a name of one of our friends and specifics for you to pray for. As you pray you can check in to find out how they are, what is new. I can also send specific request to their specific prayer partner.

Thank You

Amy Hupe