September 2008

Dear Family and Friends,

 I wanted to reflect on a Blog posting that Amy had written. She has a unique way of writing that can leave someone speechless and in reflection. It can be funny to read a story that I am a part of and yet still be inspired by the way something is said. Or that I can re-think a situation after seeing the picture in a different light. Amy wrote two things that have really stuck with me.

 " Rather than a time of action we are in a time of learning, a time to see but not do. This can feel frustrating, we are so used to doing things. However we were recently reminded at church that God wants our lives, not our busyness." It is in our nature to want to jump in a situation and just try to solve a problem or try to fix something that is broken. We are in a time here in Bangkok where we need to take away our running mentality and put on our walking shoes because as the text says above, rather than in a time of action we are in a time of learning. So we begin as infants here, similar to our children. We learn to speak, learn our surroundings, and allow God to teach us. So with a peace in our heart we will begin to take slow steps behind Him who leads us and acknowledge the fact that Jesus desires our lives and not our busyness. If we spend everyday just seeking relationship and intimacy with God, then we are doing what He desires from us most.

 "We are learning that often our vlaues are not Gods, learning that our God was the one who came to this earth poor, and when people thought he should summon all forces, overthrow the governing body and establish his kingdom…He died on the cross for us instead." Doors close for reasons and at times can leave us puzzled and angry. We then are quick to blame God or doubt our "calling". Doors open and we are re-energized an feel invincible. But are the Doors that close not a part of Gods plan? We have realized that the doors that are being closed are still bringing us to where God desires for us to be. Things don't always playout the way that we expect. God himself was expect to be a certain way, fit a certian criteria and by the very people who claimed to be searching for thier messiah, He was crucified. Though things may seem unclear at times I know that we are in this momement where we are supposed to be. We are neigbors with parents that have put there 10 year old daughters in porographic Thai films, parents who abandon there kids who are then abused by their caretakers daily, and just blocks from Kareoke bars where woman are forced to prostitute themselves. Before coming to Thailand we would pray for the needs and often be very aware that while we were praying in the US young children were being exploited. Now here living on a little soi in Bangkok we are even more aware that with in walking distance from our home there is probably a young child in sexual bondage, a parent selling there child to a brothel, and a man trying to find wholeness by entering the redlight districs in Bangkok.

So join us in prayer that God who has placed us here will continue to lead us to these, pray for these lives, pray for light to pierce through the darknes. Please also continue to pray for the health of Elijah and Arielle. Ella seems to have some type of new skin irritation everyday. Pray as I start Language school and Amy continues her indipendant studies. Let us know if you would like to add anyone to our mailing list. We invite anyone who is interested in partnering with us or to just be educated.

Thanks for your faithfulness.

Tim Hupe

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