Service by Chasing after the Lost Sheep

Growing up as a child in Sierra Leone, I always had in mind that I would love to work for an organization that works with children and youth. I am very passionate about working with children, because there is nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up each time they learn something new. As a member of the tutoring department, I ensure that children from the community of Kroo Bay who are not attending school (or may be attending school, but do not have quality education) come for our tutoring classes at Word Made Flesh Sierra Leone.


 Before any classes start, we always have a hot meal and pray together with the children, and then they go to their different classes. We get to know them each by name, and invest in each child as an individual. Ministry through tutoring has taught me that service requires chasing after “the lost sheep”. Jesus, our perfect example, modelled “going after the one that is lost” no matter what, in the parable of the lost sheep (Matthew 18:12-14).


Every week, I go down the steps into Kroo Bay for our outreach program. I check on the kids, youth, and women that we work with, to see how they are doing and how we can support them. 


One day, the Holy Spirit brought to my attention that one of our committed tutoring girls, Mabinty, had not been coming for about a week. I decided to pay her a visit. I didn’t know where she lived, so I asked different people in Kroo Bay if they could help me. I found one of her friends, and she took me to Mabinty’s house.


Mabinty’s mother talked with me and told me that her daughter had been sick for the past week. She was showing symptoms that could be Typhoid Fever and/or Malaria, illnesses that are very common here in Sierra Leone. I was stressed at that moment, because these illnesses can turn deadly very quickly, if untreated. I personally had experienced them before, and I empathised with what Mabinty must be feeling. I asked her mom if I could pray for her, and asked her to bring Mabinty to Ale Ale house (our WMFSL office) to see our nurse. 


Mabinty was tested and initially treated for Malaria. She took some medication home, to take over a few days. During those days, I was praying for Mabinty’s healing, and asked others to be praying as well. 


I went to Mabinty’s house to check on how she was doing after a few days, and to my great surprise, she came out smiling and ran to me. She looked very healthy, so much happier, and her mother was very thankful to God for everything. I thank God for His healing power upon this little girl’s life, because she is such a joyful and cheerful child to be around. I am reminded of verse 14 in Matthew 18, in the parable of the lost sheep, which states: “In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish”. 


I thought about how the Holy Spirit had led me to Mabinty that day, and how I serve a God that chases after one person. After all, Jesus left the 99 to go after “the one”. Chasing after the lost sheep requires listening to the Holy Spirit, and is the kind of service God calls us to.


About Naomi

Naomi Mariama Whitfield was born April 5 in Eastern Sierra Leone to a Christian family. She however encountered Christ at age 19. She grew up in Freetown where she schooled. She is a graduate from Freetown College of Management and Accountancy majoring in Human Resource Management.

In 2014, Naomi got married to Lynton Whitfield whom she later lost in September 2018.  It was during this time of mourning that she joined the servant team program at WMFSL. After completing the six-month ST program, she now works with the community’s administration, advocacy and tutoring teams.

Naomi has passion for serving children and singing Christian music. She is willing to learn new skills and is supportive in many ways in the community. She is a friend to many vulnerable women in Kroo Bay.

Please pray for Naomi to find complete peace in the Lord and to serve the children of Kroo Bay.


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