December '09 Thada Prayer Letter

Dear friends and family,

Our spirits have been lifted up by the change of weather, which has meant more sunshine and less rain in Michigan. We are still enjoying the breezes of fall and are amazed at how quickly the Christmas decorations came in the stores. It reminds us of the approaching winter and the joy of the celebration of Christ’s birth. As this time approaches and you reflect on the story of Jesus’ birth, you can find a different take on this story in Revelation 12. I like to read this account in the Christmas season because it gives a picture of the spiritual realm during Christ’s birth, whereas Matthew and Luke give us more the physical realm.

We are excited to share with you that the details of our plans are coming along. There are visas to get, health checks, eye doctor and dentist visits, (unfortunately Becky has some cavities), and plane tickets to buy. Our friends, the Bakers, who direct the field in Bolivia, are helping us get everything for language school in Cochabamba squared away, as well. Putting together all these bits and pieces causes us to realize how short our time really is.

Our commissioning service at the home office on October 31st went well. Our parents joined us on the trip to Omaha, Nebraska. We were blessed to meet the board of directors and other commissioned staff planning to leave for their respective fields. We spent time reflecting on the values upheld by Word Made Flesh, meeting new folks, and praying for those being sent out. It was certainly not without tears as our parents and friends gathered around us. Wes and Heather Goertzen were there to pray with us and to bring closure to the five years of service they’ve given to the Bolivia field of WMF. We grieved this loss of their presence in Bolivia and of our future separation from family and friends here in the States. But we rejoice at the task before us, knowing that God has gone ahead of us and is preparing a way for us to go. We know it involves sacrifice and change for more than just ourselves, but are blessed by the privilege of the task laid before us. May God strengthen us for what is ahead and may we fix our eyes on Jesus, the “author and perfector of our faith!”

Please Pray:

That the remaining funds would be provided for us (we are halfway to our total).

For our friends Wes and Heather who are trying to readjust to life in the States after leaving Bolivia.

That God would support and encourage close family and friends who are most acutely affected by our decision to serve overseas.

That God would go before us and prepare our hearts and the hearts of those we will encounter.

-Becky & Adam Thada-

P.S. We’ve also started a blog to detail our journey in Bolivia at We’re hoping for this to be a place where you can take an informal peak into our everyday lives. We’ll post reflections on how important topics (like poverty, culture, prostitution, and globalization) intersect with the Way of Jesus. And of course, there will also be the normal everyday things, like travel, awkward cross-cultural moments, and trying to show you how cold it is!

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