Word Made Flesh Thailand is called to serve Jesus
among those experiencing poverty and vulnerability.
We work to empower everyone who enters our programs
to make choices and to connect to resources that will bring
long-term solutions in order to break generational
cycles of poverty and exploitation.

WMF Thailand was founded by WMF Thailand Field Director Tim Hupe and his wife Amy. WMF Thailand has worked among the migrant, displaced, trafficked and marginalized of Bangkok since 2008. Our locally registered organization, the Creative Life Foundation, was founded by Tim and Amy in 2013 as an innovative and unique response to the issues of poverty and exploitation in Bangkok. CLF’s Community Center offers education, counseling and social business initiatives. We believe that living side by side in relationship is transformative, and healing love will catalyze the natural and organic process of healing and growth. We believe in the potential of each person and trust that, by creating a safe environment, we create space for him or her to discover who they deeply are.

If you are interested in joining our community, please take a look at our ways to get involved or contact our international office.

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