Why Are We Determined ?

WMF Thailand

The tournaments are over BUT our friends and family are determined for us to reach our financial goal, which is awesome, so we decided to extend our efforts through October 31st

It IS possible for us to reach our goal with your help. ANY amount will make all the difference so please use your resources and connections to get small or large one-time donations!

Keep reading if you want to know exactly what we are raising funds for- it’s short and to the point. Keep scrolling to enjoy a couple of photos from our events. We are putting together a video and will share that with you when we are done!

It’s our hope that through our Annual Charity Tournaments we can raise the majority of our operating expenses which include Creative Life Foundation’s rent and full-time salaries. We do this so that our one-time or monthly donations can directly impact people through CLF’s education and development programs.

Why Are We Determined Our rent is more than our office. It’s actually a 4 story building that also creates space for a few of our projects. So when we raise money for our rent it’s contributing to much more: It’s our production space for Mina’s Whole Foods, Our office space where our staff can develop in their roles as project leaders and educators. We have 3 classrooms where we run our daily education program and provides resources to kids who don’t have access to school. Our building is also where we have our therapeutic space where we run The Fellowship- a program that provides leadership and business training to women who are either victims of human trafficking, refugees or have been displaced. This program includes personal counseling, theoretical and practical business training. The space also provides counseling as well as trauma care trainings to local care providers.

Currently, we have 5 full-time staff who are project leaders and/or educators. When you partner with CLF you are also investing in local leaders. All of our paid employees are young Thai professionals that are driven by a personal mission to do good in the world. These young leaders are the best people to continue the work of providing equitable education and holistic care.


Why We Are DeterminedWe can’t do this without! Please consider giving a one-time donation now to a building that provides so many opportunities and to staff who fulfill our mission! 


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Tim Hupe
Director of CLF

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