WMF Peru update Feb 2015

Releasing what we cherish in our walk of obedience

In the history of the ministry of WMF Peru, in each and every stage, God has provided the resources and support we needed.  One of the greatest gifts and resources we have received is our ministry center.  Thanks to all of you who helped us purchase it, repair it, and serve from it.  Thank you for your obedience in giving as God led you.

In the Word Made Flesh Peru ministry center we have lovingly served and celebrated young people, marginalized in their society, but beloved by God.  We have worshiped, prayed, celebrated, laughed, cried, been transformed, played, enjoyed nature and have seen our friends profoundly touched and changed by the truth of Jesus Christ.  And we ourselves have been forever changed by the friendship, love and ministry that we experienced inside our center.

Our ministry has always been a path on which we walked- today we continue along that path in obedience to God.  We believe that God is calling us to embrace a different way of serving by going to at risk communities and promoting change and transformation from inside these areas.  We are being called to go out.  To serve as a spark to the church to build community in the neighborhoods where at risk people live, in more than one area, in more than one community.   We believe that it is time for us to obediently release what we hold dear, to embark on a new journey, to follow where God is leading us.  Giving thanks for God´s faithfulness in the past and our hope in God’s faithfulness for the future we have decided to sell our Ministry Center and to invest what God has grown through that investment into WMF Peru’s future.

To all of you who have given to the work of WMF Peru, and specifically to the investment of the Ministry Center, we are deeply grateful.   Know that God has multiplied your gift both in lives touched through ministry inside our building and by multiplying that investment financially through the sale of our ministry center which will provide us the opportunity to continue walking into more communities around Lima.  We invite you to keep walking with us, partnering with our ministry to embrace at risk youth and families with the love and truth of Jesus Christ.   We are excited to begin this stage of ministry and see God transform lives and communities with His truth.

With respect,

The WMF Perú Community and Board

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