WMF Thailand Internships!

Word Made Flesh Thailand is currently looking for Interns!

This 1-year commitment starting in Fall 2014 includes opportunities for people looking to get involved in areas such as education, creative arts, small social business, web design, urban gardening, carpentry, and more!

The Word Made Flesh Thailand team registered the Creative Life Project in Bangkok, Thailand as a dynamic holistic response to exploitation in Thailand. The Creative Life Project comes after four years of building relationships and community with migrant, marginalized, poor and trafficked women and children.

The Creative Life Center is a creative therapeutic educational space located in the heart of the city. Our projects facilitate emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical growth with the goal of helping our friends discover who they are and always have been. Since our registration in early 2013, we have launched several projects:

  • Creative Life Education is a small pilot school program, modeled after independent home school. We use creative teaching methods to reach children who have never had the opportunity to learn before.
  • “MINA’S” – a small business initiative creating employment and fresh opportunities for women.
  • English Clubs and a Scholarship Program in low-income and migrant neighborhoods that provide free tutoring and assistance for students to pursue their passions.
  • Short-Term Exposure Trip Project – We aim to give Thai’s the opportunity to participate in short-term immersion trips to discover the realities and needs of the poor within Thailand and surrounding countries.

The CLF/WMF leadership team is excited to invite you to join us by participating in one of several internship opportunities! Each internship includes a specific job role, but will also be a time of immersion, relationship and discovery within a new culture. Word Made Flesh believes in being intentionally present in the lives of the poor, calling them our friends, and learning from them. Your living arrangements, budget and schedule will reflect this commitment and allow you to embrace living simply with what is enough and connect more deeply with those who we consider to be our community. Your time here will also include intentional learning and discovery in the areas of spiritual and emotional formation by reading and discussing about the values that motivate us in the work we do.

For those interested in learning more, please fill out the international internship inquiry form found here and return it to Tami Ankeny.

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One thought on “WMF Thailand Internships!

  1. Shannon Mullaney says:

    As a current fourth grade teacher with a philosophy in teaching students compassion and teamwork, I’ve been following your organization for a while. This internship opportunity intrigues me, because though I love working with children at school, I’ve had a feeling about a different calling for some time. Organizations such as Word Made Flesh, Love 146, and others draw me in with their focus on selflessness, giving to others, and truly working amongst God’s people, from the community, to the victimized, to others who can continue to set a strong faith example for me.

    I’d be eagerly interested in your application requirements, your timeline, etc.

    Most sincerely yours,
    Shannon Mullaney

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