Word Made Flesh COVID-19 Response


Dear friend of Word Made Flesh,

We realize this time of crisis has affected us all in profound ways. If that has meant the loss of a job and the inability to financially support the work of Word Made Flesh for a season, please continue to remember us in your prayers and let us know how we can be praying for you!

As you are able and led, please do consider helping fiscally sustain Word Made Flesh International in its ongoing work as staff continue to live in intentional long-term community with and among people who find themselves in dire need from ongoing, difficult issues of poverty. They are now having to weather this additional scourge of COVID-19 with little to no possibility of social distancing or of accessing adequate medical care.

In the midst of this time, our communities have shown incredible resilience and creativity.
In Sierra Leone, staff have been working with the Kroo Bay slum community to install hand-washing stations. In Bolivia, women at Sutisana have
been sewing masks for those who need them during this time. Throughout our communities, WMF staff have been working with their communities to help provide essential needs such as helping cover rent and groceries for vulnerable families in need.

Your support is essential in giving our communities the resources they need to continue to love and serve well in their communities in the midst of this pandemic.


Thank you for caring for our neighbors and friends around the world facing incredible uncertainty during this time.

Word Made Flesh International