The Service of Listening

“Aunty Kristin, Aunty Kristin! I have an assignment… I have a wound… I am not well… I want to talk to you a minute… someone came to see you… can you go visit this sick person… etc.” These interruptions seem to happen on a daily, and even hourly basis.  People constantly interrupt the email I […]

Service as Soldiers of Christ

I was told a thrilling story about a missionary couple who served sacrificially on the mission field. They happened to return home on the very day that a UN soldier was returning home from war. When they arrived at their country’s airport they watched as he passed the joyful welcome and massive nationwide celebration of […]

Meet our Staff

Ansumana was born in Kamakwie Bombali District Northern Province, Sierra Leone and grew up in a Muslim home. When he became a Christian in the late 90s, he was isolated by His muslim community. He became a Christian because he had witnessed Christians forgiving, whilst Muslims found it difficult to forgive. In 2002, Ansu settled […]

The Least of These

I grew up with my aunty, my father’s sister. My parents gave me to my aunt to raise me with my older sister because I was my mother’s first surviving male child. To protect my life, my parents decided it was best to give me to my aunt, who did not have a child. This […]

broken for you

Broken for You

Sometimes we celebrate the day. We do our best as the sun smiles, and we partake in our daily activities, but there is a reason for us to stop and think about what makes the sun rise out of darkness…Read More »