Intern Reflections: Bolivia | Arriving in La Paz

by Michaela McCurdy, WMF Intl. Intern

This update is from one of our WMF interns in Bolivia. Michaela is a senior at Anderson University and is completing her degree in International Relations and Spanish. She will be working in the community center while in Bolivia. We are excited for her as she joins our WMF Bolivia community for a couple months!

Hola amigos :)!!!

I just wanted to send a quick update and offer praise to God for the goodness that he has poured over me! Thank you for your prayers!! I am confident that they have tapped into the riches of the Kingdom that is at hand and have protected and blessed me in ways I could not have imagined!

I made it here safely and all went smoothly throughout the travels! Also, I have had NO symptoms of any altitude sickness, which is almost unheard of for a Hoosier stepping off a plane to a city at about 13,000 feet. My host family is kind, welcoming, and incredibly patient with my Spanglish :). There are six kids all living at home between the ages of 15 and about 27 which makes for a lot of energy and good community. This morning I attended the local church and I am continually learning just what a gift the body of Christ is. I am yearning and hoping for deep, joy-filled community in this season, please join me in prayer that my eyes and heart would be opened to such. I start my internship with Word Made Flesh tomorrow.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! Soak up some summer warmth and send it my way!!! Also, please send me any life updates, praises, hardships, or just a hey. I want to pray with you! I should have pretty good access to wifi at some point most days so email/iMessage are both great options.



PS The attached picture was taken just before we landed in La Paz, doesn’t even begin to do the beauty justice but it helps to give an idea of where I’m at 🙂

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