Clint Baldwin is the International Executive Director and CEO of Word Made Flesh International, an international advocacy and development organization that walks and works with and among the most vulnerable people experiencing poverty in this world.  After a quarter century learning, teaching and administrating in higher education with interdisciplinary focus on international and intercultural peace and justice, Clint brings a deep desire for transformative reconciliation, empowerment and mutuality to be at work in all places and people as he guides Word Made Flesh forward. He believes that “we all always have something to learn and we all always have something to give” and that we are “better together.”  It is one of Clint’s lifelong vocational pursuits to aid people and organizations in meaningful, humble and healthy navigation of such understanding.

Clint’s education has taken him through study at Asbury University, Spring Arbor University, Western Michigan University, Asbury Theological Seminary, University of Kentucky, and George Fox Seminary. He currently serves on the board of GoED International, as a steering committee member of Climate Caretakers, as founding member on the board of the Center for Environmental Leadership, and is actively involved in the rhythms of Asbury University.

Clint enjoys being with family and friends; reading and writing poetry and prose; savoring a good cup of coffee or tea; being out-and-about in nature; engaging in intercultural experiences and relationships; contemplating, discussing and living the philosophical and theological principles of faith and its practices; and finding ways to cultivate and celebrate joy.

Clint is married to Sarah – his deep soulfriend – who over the last twenty-plus years has been a key formational presence in his life and partner in all he does.  He is honored to celebrate her work as Asbury University’s Vice-President of Student Development and Dean of Students.  Clint and Sarah have three children – Madi, Kai, & Emily — who bring priceless life, love and goodness into the Baldwin home.  Another “family member” in the Baldwin home is their seven pound dog, Annabelle.  Annabelle has an inexhaustible need for hugs and cuddling; in case you ever come for a visit…fair warning. 🙂


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