Becoming Like Him

It can be easy to believe that going to church on Sundays or participating in another church activity is doing the will of the Lord, that this is enough to fulfill the responsibilities of every believer.

But when I understood that God calls us to go beyond attending church, my wife and I decided to dedicate our lives to the service of the Lord’s work.

And so, every day serving in different ways (washing dishes, sweeping, ordering the deposit, leading cooking workshops or risk prevention counseling) in Word Made Flesh Bolivia, we hope to do and share the Gospel, strategically, with people who are affected by prostitution.

Each member of our community knows our mission well, because we do life together in the midst of very hard circumstances. In the face of darkness, we choose to serve those who suffer around us and shine light to these that have not yet been reached.

It is written in James 2:18, “faith without works is dead.” Therefore, we are called to bear fruit, to serve and love as Christ loved us even when we were sinners. Our responsibility is to form relationships through love and community that open the doors for us to share the good news of Christ. Serving is seeing people through His eyes of love and acceptance, treating them with dignity and counting them as more significant than yourself.

Here in WMF Bolivia, I’ve learned that our mission field is the world. As John Wesley put it, “The world is my parish.” The longing of my heart is that all people would be reached, and this will happen as believers commit to serve those who are suffering. Despite our sin and through our suffering, Jesus was humble and obedient to His Father and served us. By doing so, He redeemed us.

I’ve chosen, then, to serve the Father and my neighbors, believing that I can be part of His redemptive work and that I can be like Jesus. This is my desire. This work is available to all of us, wherever we are. This is His will, and by doing it, we’ll become more and more like Him.

Daniel was born in the Caranavi Province of La Paz, Bolivia. He studied psychology and gastronomy after high school and went on to graduate from seminary with a degree in Theology and Missions. Since his life-changing encounter with Christ at age 8, Daniel was dedicated to the work of the Lord, serving through any opportunity he could find. This dedication to the church led him to eventually meet his wife, Nancy. They both continue to be very active in their local church as well as in Word Made Flesh  Bolivia, where they work supporting the Children’s Program and the Women’s Program.