WMF Romania Position Opening

Looking for opportunities to join the Word Made Flesh Community?  Word Made Flesh Romania is seeking an individual to serve as the Short Term Programs Coordinator. This person will organize and lead Servant Teams, Internships and short-term teams for WMF Romania. This position is an active participant in the WMF Romania community while focusing their […]

March Update 2013

Dear friends, I am so grateful and I feel so blessed to have you near and to know that you pray for God’s work. Thank you for the time you set aside to think of us, of the Word Made Flesh Community in Galati, Romania. I am happy to finally be able to enjoy spring. […]

January Update 2013

I’m not bringing any special message for 2013. God is always with us and all I want for us all is to be aware of it every second of our lives. Another year passed, another year found us happy or not, content or not. 2012 was especially marked by news regarding the end of the […]

December Update 2012

Dear friends, As I am writing this letter I am experiencing a freedom that I never knew existed. It has been three years since my wife and I have tried to sell our house so that we could pay back a very bad bank loan. It has been two months since the selling process finally […]

December 2012 Prayer Letter

December 2012 Dear Friends, Much has happened since I last sent a letter through regular mail.  First of all, my email letters continue to receive a good response.  There are always a good number of people that write back with short comments or to let me in on a little bit of what’s happening in […]

October Update from Romania

Dear Friends, I wanted to give you a quick update on what is happening in our community and how you can be praying for us. At the beginning of the school year in September, we received about 16 new kids in the daily activities at the Valley Community Center. That is a huge influx for us, but […]

Prayer Letter October 2012

Dear friends, It has been such a joy to partner with you in this ministry. As it has been two months since my last prayer letter, I would like to tell you a few things about what has happened. But before I do that I have to stop and thank you again for having prayed […]

Praying together on October 1st

The Word Made Flesh community has traditionally set aside two days per month, the 1st and the 15th, to pray and fast for those who are vulnerable and in poverty, for our communities, and for the church. This coming month on October 1st, we are setting the day aside to pray specifically for the Word […]

Cemetery at the Margins of Galati

Our community practices remembering: remembering the forgotten, the marginalized and the lost. This past summer a group of students from George Fox University spent a few weeks serving with us in Galati, Romania. One afternoon we visited a cemetery on the periphery of our city where many of our kids have been buried. Sadly, many of their […]

September 2012 Prayer Letter

September 2012 Dear Friends, The majority of you folks that receive this letter through regular mail are also on my email list.  There are few holdouts, however, so I’ll reiterate here what I’ve already said in my email letters.  For at least the next year or so I’ll be sending out a prayer letter through […]