June 2012 Prayer Letter

June 2012 Dear Friends, Today is our first day back at the center after our week away on retreat in the mountains.  Thank you for your prayers.  We had a great week together.  It was amazing to worship together singing songs from Romania, Moldova and also Sierra Leone.  Our theme for the retreat was “reconciliation” […]

April 2012 Prayer Letter

April 2012 Dear Friends, Spring is officially springing here in Galati.  As I write the sun is shining, temperatures are rising and the children are playing outside.  We had a long, hard winter this year.  Maybe you read about it since it made international news.  Dozens of people died due to the cold temperatures or […]

February 2012 Prayer Letter

February 2012 Dear Friends, This letter marks the end of era.  Ok, that may be a little too dramatic.  As some of you know, I have been writing a monthly letter, every single month, since June of 2002.  In nearly ten years I’ve never missed a month.  Next month, however, you will not receive a […]

January 2012 Prayer Letter

January 2012 Dear Friends, Yesterday was the funeral for the father of one of the children that come to the center.  This boy, Nicholas, is only in third grade and now for the rest of his life he’ll have to go on without a dad.  This strikes me as particularly sad.  However, something else struck […]

From Control To Surprise, Advent Day 18

We have two conceptions of the future. One is how we normally think about the future. It is the time ahead of us. Although we don’t know what the future holds, we can predict the probability of events happening in the future by extrapolating the past and present. There are even scientists, called futurologists, who […]

December 2011 Prayer Letter

December 2011 Dear Friends, It’s hard to believe that another year has nearly come and gone.  As we look ahead to this coming month I’m sure that, as is always the case, December will fly by.  We have a lot of activities planned with the children and their families.  This is my major prayer request […]

Towards Community

David Chronic has served with WMF in Romania from 1997 to the present. His article appeared in The Cry, vol. 6, no. 2 (Summer 2000). When I committed to Word Made Flesh in 1997, I was one of six people on staff. We have since seen tremendous growth in the mission both in terms of […]

Beyond Simplicity

David Chronic has served with WMF in Romania from 1997 to the present. His article appeared in The Cry, vol. 7, no. 1 (Spring 2001). I was savoring the smell of fresh-made coffee in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. I winced through the peephole, not expecting anyone at such an early hour. The hallway […]

Field History – Romania

The seeds for Word Made Flesh Romania were planted in 1994 and 1995 in Chennai, India where Patrick and Victoria Samuel (WMF Chennai) prayed every Tuesday for Romania. In 1996, David Chronic went to Romania and the Republic of Moldova as a student and made his first visit to Galati, Romania. In April of 1997, […]

November 2011 Prayer Letter

November 2011 Dear Friends, As I write Ana and I are in the second day of a three-day personal retreat.  Our time has been really great thus far, having time set aside for reading, praying, and reflection.  Yesterday, I spent time reflecting on the past year.  I mentioned last month that the start of school […]