Do You Love Your Neighbors Pt. 2

Last week, I wrote about loving your neighbor. Or, rather, how I had witnessed another Word Made Flesh community loving their neighbors really, really well. I wrote about how they had inspired me and how I wanted to pursue friendship and community here in Kigali in the same way that they do in Kroo Bay. Turns out, […]

“Do you love your neighbor?”

This was shouted from Kumba and Bala’s cabin (just next door to ours) on a frequent basis over the course of our retreat. It’s a trick question, obviously, to which we could only respond that we did, in fact, love our neighbors. This joke carried on through the whole retreat; “Do you love your neighbor” called out to neighboring […]


I sit here in a cafe in the land of a thousand hills wondering, yet again, if this is my real life. It’s surreal, beautiful, confusing, painful, joyful, and a little lonely all at the same time. I’m finding that mornings spent in prayer are a much more necessary part of my routine than a […]

Greetings from Kigali!

I can hardly believe that I am actually here. The few weeks have been such a strange transition back to life in Kigali. A lot of things looks and feel exactly the same as when I was here in 2013, but my life this time around seems so much different. I’m getting used to living in […]

Terrifying, in a good way

I’m leaving Portland today. I have been talking about and planning for Rwanda for over a year now, so to finally be at the point of leaving is relieving, exciting, and—to be completely honest—slightly terrifying. Terrifying, though, in a good way. Terrifying because over the last year of just planning for Rwanda, God has changed me in more ways than […]

An Evening For Rwanda

For the last few months I have been asking God to provide community. I am going to Rwanda in November alone and, as excited as I am about following Jesus to a place that I already know and love, being alone in this scares me. My hope for these prayers was that God would bring along some crazy awesome […]

Love Changes Everything

Love—real, miraculous, deep-rooted, pain-bearing, life-affirming love—changes everything. Nearly two years ago, I sat with a group of fellow college students in a tin-roofed classroom in Kigali and listened to two Rwandans share their memories of the 1994 genocide. Immanuel was 24 and a Hutu at the time of the genocide. He told us of being […]