Kicking Down Doors

For the last few years we have been visiting children and mothers with babies who beg in Bangkok’s notorious red light districts. During these years we have built relationships with children who have become the financial providers for their family. Mostly this burden has been placed on children as it is hard to say no to a shoeless […]

WMF Thailand Internships!

Word Made Flesh Thailand is currently looking for Interns! This 1-year commitment starting in Fall 2014 includes opportunities for people looking to get involved in areas such as education, creative arts, small social business, web design, urban gardening, carpentry, and more! The Word Made Flesh Thailand team registered the Creative Life Project in Bangkok, Thailand […]

More Than Church Smiles

In order to truly depend on God we must first realize our deep need for God. Humility affirms our need for God. I am always the first to raise my hand in a room when being asked for help, even if it means having to make sacrifices. But, you will hardly ever see me on […]

Field History – Thailand

During the summer of 2002, Twyla and Rob O’Callaghan along with Paul Rase (currently the Romania Field Director), moved to Bangkok, Thailand. Together the launch team spent an exploratory year evaluating what opportunities they could possibly respond to in the city. After hosting a Servant Team and forging several relationships with local ministries and NGO’s, […]

January 2011 Prayer Letter

Rejected It is said to be a country torn apart by decades of war; but the truth is country’s are not torn apart by war, people are.  The Khmer people have been torn apart I have been meeting with Bpaan on the street for over a year.  She has 3 beautiful children, you may remember […]

Restoration within suffering

The coming judgment of Christ will not be based on the works of the perpetrator but on the “suffering of the sufferers,” according to Jürgen Moltmann. In his newest book, Sun of Righteousness Arise, he writes, “The image of the end-time ‘fire’ has nothing to do with the stake or with the apocalyptic destruction of […]

Tiny dancer

Most of the time we spend in relationship is during the late-night hours on the crowded streets of Bangkok’s notorious red-light district. The district employs more than 6,000 women a night for prostitution. The streets are filled with loud music coming from busy bars, drunken men stumbling around and street vendors selling food. One night […]

back in bangkok

Since returning to Thailand we have hosted a few visitors including our International Directors, a new servant team that will be with us for 4 months, and now my little brother! Things have been really exciting since returning; Namfon (Thai part time staff) continued making street visits to the kids while we were away and […]

Abide in Me

March 2010 Abide in me and I in you Word Made Flesh serves world wide in 11 international fields; India (Chennai & Kolkata), Nepal, Romania, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina, Sierra Leon, Moldova and our own community in Thailand. These communities serve very different needs within very different cultures, one of the ways we are unified […]