The Cry – for Community (vol. 18 no. 2)

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The Cry – for Humility (vol. 18, no. 1)

Read through this issue of The Cry, focused on lifestyle celebration of humility. [gview file=”” width=”100%” height=”900px” save=”1″]

The Cry Vol 17 No 2 . 2

Can’t exhale if I don’t inhale By Cara Strauss Contreras It was getting married that wrecked my fragile ignorance. In general I had obeyed God without much resistance.  Following God’s call to Bolivia. Trying to shape my life into sincere ministry among the poor. Obeying the hard command to stay with people in their pain […]

The Cry Vol 17 No 2 .1

Apprenticing Obedience Esdrianne Cohen Something happened to me on the day of the children’s party (for children whose mothers participate in Projeto Ester). That day I had to run some errands and took a bus to arrive at the project.  When I signaled for my stop and stepped off the bus, I fell and hit […]

The Cry Vol 17 No 1 . 1

Body of Christ By Angelene Samuel It was a few days since Sarah mailed me, inviting me to share on the Body of Christ at the upcoming South Asia Regional Retreat at Chennai. And for first timers like me, to even think about sharing something before well weathered spiritual heroes was unthinkable. What added to […]

The Cry Vol 17 No 1 . 2

Glimpse of Intimacy By Rachel Ingrum It is two o’clock in the afternoon and I am sitting down for what feels like the first time.  My morning of running kids around to various summer activities was immediately followed by lunch, which included a start-stop-shift operation (a common process for doing things around my house) due to […]

The Cry Vol 17 No 1 . 3

One Who Is Loved By Jeff Swart In May of last year, I started working in the Omaha office of Word Made Flesh in the Administration Department. My short time serving here has been nothing short of wonderful. As a recent college graduate moving to a new city, I had a considerable amount of adjusting […]

The Cry Vol 17 No 1 . 4

That I may Dwell By Becky Thada I never thought I’d enjoy being squished between two people on a crowded bus. But since coming to Bolivia, I have found an odd joy in this frequent experience. Being that I’m always interested in the “why” of things, I stopped to think. I’m North American … North […]

The Cry Vol 17 No 1 . 6

Smile Upon Me By Hilary These are someone else’s words. This is someone else’s song. I am not sure if Remedy Drive was thinking intimacy when writing these lyrics or if the reader will think intimacy when reading them. Neither of those things really matter though, because when I sing this song it is my […]

The Cry Vol 17 No 1 . 8

Beauty for Ashes I woke on Ash Wednesday not to the peaceful silence of the morning, but to the piercing drone of a fire alarm. Disoriented, I frantically ran around the house attempting to figure out exactly what was happening while my roommate dialed 911. The smoke I had inhaled during my sleep caught up […]