Celebrating with you this Christmas Season





Dear Friends of Word Made Flesh International,

This holiday season, we are deeply grateful to be part of the family of God together with you and to celebrate your friendship with Word Made Flesh International.

Merry Christmas!  

Thank you so much for your partnership in sharing the Gospel!

In Jesus, God came near! 

Fulfilling Isaiah’s prophecy, the Gospel of Matthew relays that Mary brought forth a son, Jesus, who “will save His people from their sins!”  

In Jesus, God embodied the hope named in Isaiah; God took on the name of Immanuel – meaning “God with us.” 

I pray this season finds you with a deep sense of the hope of Immanuel in your hearts!  

Even as God entered the world so many years ago as a baby in a manger, in the midst of our own ongoing hardships and the hardships of the world, God still remains with us in our hearts every day.  

Jesus – Immanuel, God with us – the hope of glory!

Indeed, Merry Christmas! 

As God has gifted us with His presence, Word Made Flesh International staff also seek to be like Jesus and gift people and families in immensely difficult circumstances with their presence; through word and deed they daily offer to be people standing in the gap pointing toward the Savior of all people.

During this season of gift giving, please take a moment to also give to Word Made Flesh International to help continue this vital ministry of compassion around the world.

Your generosity allows Word Made Flesh International to continue to rejoice in seeing the goodness and faithfulness of God be made manifest in the lives of people in extreme need.

I have been thinking of John 1 during this holiday season.  John 1 includes the passage from which our mission takes its name, “And the Word became flesh, and lived among us.”  

However, I have recently been pondering the part of the passage that reads , “in him was life, and the life was the light of all people.  The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

This passage holds such amazing encouragement! Jesus offers abundant life and light for us and for everyone!  Jesus offers all people an inextinguishable life and light that has had the very worst thrown at it – even death on a cross – and yet the life and light that is Jesus upended the very worst and wrested the keys from death and hell.  Because of this, when you and I find ourselves even in the valley of the shadow of death, we need fear no evil.  Even there a table of goodness is prepared for us and we will dwell forever in the House of God.  “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.”

In Word Made Flesh International, as we serve people in deep need all around the world, we want all people to have the hope of Jesus affirmed in their hearts and manifested in their lives!







Impacts your gifts have made include:

  • In Brazil, we hosted weekly lunches, Bible studies, and prayer meetings with at-risk women in the Esther Project
  • In Papua New Guinea we distributed 300 bibles in 6 different communities and hosted Sunday fellowship and weekly bible studies with 10+ youth.  
  • In Moldova, 40 families and over 150 individuals have been impacted by programs and services which include ongoing afterschool tutoring and care and deliveries of baskets of food to families in need
  • In Malawi, over 800 children and staff members are fed two meals a day 
  • In Burundi, over 40 handwashing stations were set up at partner schools and 40 community mobilizers were sent to schools and communities to teach about necessary health and safety protocols.  
  • In Bolivia, 2,854 women were visited and encouraged on the streets and each received a small gift packet.  334 women received skills and job training and 25 women began their own businesses and are now free from sexual exploitation
  • In Rwanda, 25 women have been supported through discipleship and economic empowerment programs.  19 women purchased health insurance for their families via the savings made through participation in our programs.  1,400 cups of porridge have been shared with the local community.
  • In Romania, 62 children and 43 families have been supported by the community center – including 87 family visits performed, 230 meals provided to the community at the center, 205 food and hygiene product packages delivered, and 92 social and psychological counseling sessions given.

Every day, spanning the globe, in multiple community settings where people experience extreme poverty and hardship, ministry that results in impacts like the above is happening through the faithful work of Word Made Flesh International staff.

Your giving is a lifeline of sustenance and stability allowing WMF staff to thrive in ministry.  

Your year end donation to WMF will help so many!

We are including two Word Made Flesh International 30th Anniversary bookmarks for you.  

Please keep one as a reminder to pray for us.  Please share one with friends.

Your year end donation can be given online via the following link: https://wordmadeflesh.org/donate/

Thank you for supporting the Jesus-centered, compassionate work of Word Made Flesh International.

Again, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

May the God of all comfort, Jesus – Immanuel, the God who is with us – sustain and keep you and yours!

Clint Baldwin — International Executive Director / CEO

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