Fulfillment of Organizational Best Practice, Next Step Commitments

With this communication we are grateful to report that Word Made Flesh International has fully completed best practice next steps committed to in July 2020.

A major aspect of our commitment was to “retain an independent third-party expert to perform an organizational audit on our existing policies, procedures, and systems for preventing harm, keeping employees safe, and facilitating a healthy work environment.”

We have honored and exceeded our pledge through having contracted two independent third-party authorities from different organizations, On Mission and The Resilience Resource, with critical expertise in system/structure and trauma-informed auditing.

We are encouraged by the insights that they have provided. We received both affirmation of good work in progress as well as recommendations for further growth.

We requested our independent third-party experts to present a summary/executive report document that showcases their methodologies and overall findings and recommendations. This document is offered immediately below to read/download in its entirety.

Read/download the independent third-party expert report here

From hiring independent third-party external review experts to the implementation of workplace best practices, Word Made Flesh International is committed to ongoing organizational enhancement in relation to creating and sustaining healthy workplace culture. The insights and recommendations offered by our independent third-party external review experts are excellent forward-leading guides for the organization.

Currently, we are implementing additional training methods and augmenting aspects of longer-standing practices and procedures.

  • We are offering staff the opportunity to receive Level Four “Field Traumatologist” certification through the Green Cross Academy of Traumatology as led by trainers from Richmont Graduate University.
  • Three staff members recently completed a Certificate In Resilient Service through the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. The successful step realized by these three staff members is a move toward the possibility of a comprehensive staff requirement in this area.
  • We are inviting an expert to discuss practices that bolster healthy resiliency.
  • We are inviting an expert to facilitate Gallup’s CliftonStrengths training.
  • WMF seeks to surround staff with healthy external perspectives for personal discernment and mental health. Correspondingly, we set up and are growing a WMF External Care Network (WMFECN) of mental health coaches available to our staff for long-term well-being. These coaches meet regularly with staff to provide the stability of a substantive mental health foundation as complex ministry situations are navigated where primary and/or secondary trauma is a significant reality.

The above examples highlight WMF’s capacity-building efforts toward increasing overall workplace health and insight. In the midst of best practice next steps, WMF is particularly focused on forging and sustaining trauma-informed, survivor-centered methods of understanding and care.

We recognize that current efforts are vital, professional building blocks of long-term organizational health. We are confident that these processes will aid WMF staff to further flourish with increased resilience and sustainability competencies in place.

Thank you for your care of WMF staff around the world. Please continue to keep staff in prayer and support them with your gifts as they daily share the love of Jesus in word and deed in very challenging contexts and situations.