My Special Place

I didn´t know that a place as special as the “House of Hope” existed. I´m not exaggerating when I say
that this place is magnificent. This place not only managed to change the way I think but also my way of
acting. I really don´t know how to express myself well, I can´t get the right words out in order to say
that the “House of Hope” is a special place for me. Since I arrived there Educator Vale´s way of treating
us impressed me. Educator Alex and the people that are a part of this special place helped me see the
world in a different way. They helped me understand that not everyone is cruel and that even though
there are bad people, there are also trustworthy people who share their love of God.

Before arriving at this place, I was a very cold person who didn´t speak much. I also didn´t like to make
friends. I was a reserved person who was uncomfortable around people. I didn´t like being hugged, but
over time I learned to love, and now I can hug my friends and believe in their friendship.

In this special place for me, I learned to be a leader in the “Kacharpay” group and I understood better
the issue of trafficking. I also became a better class president. I learned how to manage my finances
better and they helped me a lot in the workshops on oral expression, leadership, and decision-making. I
also learned how to overcome difficult situations so I didn´t drown in the things I had lived through.

I also reflect on the fact that this was where they taught me how to communicate with God. I can say
that this is my special place of learning and the place that motivates me to change.

– Yulisa* (Adolescent leader, Children´s Program)