The Cry – 5 Reasons To Subscribe

The Cry is a quarterly magazine published by Word Made Flesh that celebrates our core values, highlights the global community, and promotes personal stories and inspiration. After a period of dormancy, The Cry is being re-launched! You can subscribe here

Here are five reasons to subscribe:


  1. Community

The Cry captures the wide reach of the ministry of Word Made Flesh and highlights the individuals that make that possible. With updates by country, personal stories, and examples of the redemptive work taking place, readers of The Cry can support and become involved with our community from anywhere.


  1. Celebration

Each issue of The Cry is focused on one of nine lifestyle celebrations woven into the ministry of Word Made Flesh: Intimacy, Obedience, Humility, Community, Service, Simplicity, Submission, Brokenness, and Suffering. Each of these values shapes the way we serve and live in community with one another – both on a global and a personal scale. As members of the Word Made Flesh community discuss what these celebrations have meant to them in their service, we find a common thread and gain a new way of looking at our faith and our lifestyles.


  1. Insight

The Cry brings a global insight into our everyday life and reminds us not only of the suffering and brokenness beyond ourselves, but also of the opportunity we have to make an impact through prayer and support. It is through our community’s heart for others that we continue to grow, serve, and extend the grace of Jesus.

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  1. Conversation

The Cry creates a platform for conversations that challenge us to look at difficult topics with a fresh point-of-view. For example, in our upcoming issue, we will focus on the lifestyle celebration of brokenness – it is this kind of discussion that allows us to ask questions as to how and why should we celebrate these things, and shows us a new way of looking at our personal faith and our approach to missions.


  1. Reflection

We want to reflect on our faith and our mission in a way that expands and sharpens the way we think about God, and we can only do that successfully if our larger community joins in that conversation. As we engage in these discussions, we seek God in the truth of his character, and therefore His will for us and for the people we build relationships with. Together, we can respond to His call and represent Him authentically and whole-heartedly.