Intentional Community

Intentional Community

Intentional community is an initiative that started a long time ago as a dream.  We longed for a way to accompany the families we have been walking with on the streets and improve their quality of life.  As they have moved out of the center of the city and settled into the outskirts, they are encountering the rough reality of life without basic services.  This is where we jump in and help them in this holistic project.  Word Made Flesh Peru has started this model of intentional community as a way to offer community development to a broader group of people living in extreme poverty in marginalized neighborhoods outside of Lima. We decided to start in the district of Villa Maria del Triunfo in an area called paradise.  One of our oldest friends from the street lives in this neighborhood with her family and her husband.  Intentional community aims to be a space to grow, testify, disciple and live in community.  We desire to be a community that exemplifies integrity and offers an open space to train others who want replicate this initiative.  We also have a team that utilizes Paty and her family as key resources in the neighborhood.   The entire family has been participating and even their 9yr. old daughter has offered to teach little children with some basic materials that we have supplied.  Please pray for Pedro as he leads this initiative of intentional community and pray for Anna as she mentors and monitors this new work in Lima.




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