Hope In Peru

What has two ears, a corkscrew tail and a snout? Give up? The answer is hope.

We know, you’re probably thinking, “That sounds more like the description of a pig than hope,” and you’re right. But stay with us for a moment. What we’re actually talking about are the plastic piggy banks that we handed out to the sixteen families in our financial workshop last weekend. The theme of our workshop was “The Family Economy And The Importance of Savings”. Catchy right?

Over the course of the day 30 youth and around 20 adults were able to learn the basics of budgeting, finances, and how to save for the future. While the adults learned about interest rates and other financial intricacies, the kids were given breakfast and taught equally important yet slightly less intense versions of the same information.



Our next workshop is on October 10th and the theme will be “Rescuing Lessons from Our Past.” We’re praying that all of the families who were in attendance at this workshop will be able to make it in October.

Word Made Flesh Peru began in 1998 as a ministry of presence in the streets of Lima, Peru. Lives are transformed through shared meals and conversation, workshops, and counseling services. To support WMF Peru and these workshops of hope click here

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