Life Here

Life here in Bangkok is all about the little moments. It’s pausing to look around in the park and seeing my Thai friends teaching taekwondo to a class of 20 children from low-income families, the elderly group over by a cluster of trees doing tai-chi in yellow shirts, a handful of young parents watching their children play by the water, some couples enjoying picnics as the sun sets behind the high-rises and the water fountains catch the golden light. Little moments of God-breathed peace when biking home through a quiet neighborhood, hearing the birds, feeling the breeze.

Life here is realizing that brokenness needs to be celebrated, that we all bring what we bring, that relationships are paramount, and that being is oftentimes far more important than doing.

Life here is knowing that your work matters, that cycles of poverty can be broken, and that hope takes risks.

These moments will dance in my memory long after I leave this place and my role as the Short Term Coordinator for Word Made Flesh Thailand. They are timeless gifts reminding me of the joys and lessons I have learned here in Bangkok, of the people who have shaped me, and of how their stories have now become a part of my own story. Ones that could become a part of yours, as well.

We’re Hiring
Jodi Van Gorkom
Short-Term Program Coordinator
WMF Thailand

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