Sunday. Beggars Society: Sex-trafficking series, part 1: Local

Sex-trafficking series, part 1: Local
Hidden in Plain Sight: Prostitution in Nebraska, a short film
Talkback speakers: Abra Poindexter, CMSW, LMHP & Megan Smith, MS, LMHP, LPC



Links/Resources that may be helpful:
Learn more from Melissa Farley and Prostitution Research on Facebook:
10 reasons not to legalize prostitution

Lola Greene Baldwin Foundation for Recovery

Standing Against Global Exploitation (SAGE)

Mary Magdalene Project

Sari Bari

This book was also mentioned by the speakers: Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence–from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror by Judith Hermann

Word Made Flesh staff are witness to sex trafficking all around the world, and it even happens locally. Join us at Beggars Society in June and July for a special series about sex-trafficking.

In June, we will watch Hidden in Plain Sight: Prostitution in Nebraska, a locally produced film that gives a greater understanding of sex-trafficking and its presence in Nebraska. We will have a talkback with Abra Poindexter and Megan Smith, psychotherapists in Omaha who have worked with individuals involved in the sex trade.

In July, we will welcome WMF Asia Regional Coordinator and Sari Bari Director Sarah Lance. Sari Bari is a business initiative that seeks the freedom and restoration of Kolkata’s red-light areas through dignity-giving employment opportunities for women affected by the sex trade.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday. Beggars Society: Sex-trafficking series, part 1: Local

  1. Angeline Diamond-ECPAT-USA says:

    Sex trafficking is a enormous issue faced by our world today. This series focused on sex trafficking is a great way to start the fight against sex trafficking.

    I am an intern with ECPAT-USA, which stands for Ending Child Prostitution and Trafficking. We are a worldwide network of organizations and individuals committed to ending the sexual exploitation of children. Our main tasks are research, advocacy, and training. Currently, one of our major projects is increasing public awareness about the issues of sex trafficking and tourism. Therefore, it was so great to see your work on this issue.

    I would like to give you guys some ways you can join the fight againist sex trafficking. So, here are a few suggestions:
    Spread the word about the cause because each time a new person learns that means a bigger force is mobilized to combat child exploitation.

    -Follow us on Twitter!-Ecpatusa

    -Become a fan on Facebook-End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography, and Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes

    -Send The Code Postcard to travel companies, hotels, airlines. Download the postcard at The Code produces six criteria a company may implement within its practices to prevent sexual exploitation of children. Many times travel companies inadvertently facilitate the sexual exploitation of child. The Code has been signed by over 900 companies worldwide, yet it has been met with great resistance in the United States. Take a stand, and let your travel companies know that you want a responsible company!

    -Purchase a TassaTag for your luggage! TassaTags are fair trade certified tags that support ECPAT’s work. They are made at The Regina Center in Nongkhai, Thailand by women faced with the socioeconomic stress of rural poverty. The tags allow the women to stay in the communities, produce a steady income, and enroll their children in school. These three measures are essential components in the fight against sexual exploitation.

    -Lastly, keep up your work with the series. Awareness and knowledge of sex trafficking is the most effective way to produce an end it!

    If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me at! Thanks for your work and support!

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