The Freedom Climb mirrors a woman’s arduous journey towards restoration. We meet her in her place of need and offer hope and opportunities for lasting change. Support her brave journey to freedom!


$33 VICTIM Supports security & stability

Housing & Support

$66 SURVIVOR Supports Physical & Mental Health

Health & Nutrition
Psychological & Therapeutic Support

$99 THRIVER Supports Impact & Influence

Education & Skills Development
Faith & Leadership


The Cholita Climbers and Fiona* of WMFB will summit a glacier, representing all that a woman overcomes in her process of restoration and inspiring many others that incredible feats are possible for anyone.

Cholitas are Bolivian indigenous women, recognizable by their wide skirts, braided hair and endearing bowler hats. They’ve long been victims of discrimination and racism, prohibited in recent history, from even using public transport or entering some public spaces. Today, they continue to receive less education, less pay and less opportunity than their peers.

But a few cholitas are rising in fame and respect to overcome the significant obstacles in their lives.

Meet The Cholita Climbers! Former cooks on tourist mountain climbs, these ladies have become renowned sportswomen, scaling epic glaciers for themselves, while proudly doning that which once kept them ostracized.

Mt. Huyana Potosí, a 19,974 ft. glacier in the Cordillera Real, a mountain range of the South American Andes, located in the Department of La Paz, Bolivia

The Climb: Nov. 27-28, 2021


Our goal is $50,000!

With the generosity of a matching donor, every gift towards this goal this month will be DOUBLED!!

Join the adventure and help women reach new heights!


Send checks to Word Made Flesh Bolivia: Freedom Climb
P.O. Box 70
Wilmore, KY 40390

Deposit Locally (Bs): BNB, Fundación La Palabra Hecha Vida, Cta. 1501247819; NIT. 144754028

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